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We are affiliated with the national American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the state organization, Texas AFT. We organized in 1999 and have members from all classifications of non-administrative ACC employees: Classified, Prof-Tech, Adjunct, Hourly and Full Time Faculty. We are separate from the employee associations at ACC and are therefore free to pursue our goals without administrative influence.

We are dedicated to improving the salaries and health insurance of all employees, including protecting the rights of all ACC employees. Building a large and strong membership is the key to these endeavors. Join us today!

If you would like representation for grievances and access to our Legal Defense Fund and Labor Attorney, you MUST become a member now, before your problem begins. Click on "Membership" to fill out a membership form. 

  • Our union is a professional organization regularly engaged in the life of the college district. Membership dues support advocacy on workplace issues, training events, and career protection.
  • If you believe faculty should have a voice in educational issues, you should join.
  • If you believe employees should have a voice in the political process, you should join
  • If you believe in the value of employees helping out each other, you should join.
  • If you believe employees should be treated with dignity, fairness, and respect, you should join.
  • Your dues help support these values!

Member dues amounts are as follows:

  • $40.05/Mo - Full time Faculty
  • $29.53/Mo - Calssified/Prof.Tech
  • $23.36/Mo - Adjuncts & Part time hourly employees earning more than $12,000/yr
  • $18.16/Mo - Adjuncts and part time hourly employees earning less than $11,999/yr



Austin Community College Employees Need a 10% Pay Raise! Let's Make it Happen!

Austin Community College Employees Need a 10% Pay Raise!

Just one snapshot of why employees need a raise is that from budget year 2016 to draft budget 2023, the budget request for Adjunct Faculty has remained flat at 30 million dollars with zero increase. In that same time period Administrator compensation has risen from 6 million to 10 million dollars. Revenues for ACC have gone from $313M in 2016 to $464M for the next budget year. Property taxes, rent, food, childcare costs (availability), gas and many other things are getting more expensive by the day, and employee wages aren't reflecting these increases.

For ALL ACC employees to maintain their current standard of living, a 10% pay raise is absolutely necessary.

Austin Community College Trustees need to know how important this matter is to their employees. Change doesn't happen by itself.

Click here to send a letter to ACC Trustees in support of a 10% pay raise for Austin Community College employees!

What We Should Expect From Higher Education Institutions Regarding COVID 19

We need to band together as one to safeguard our careers, our profession, and to advocate for ourselves and our students. Our guiding principles for Higher Education institutions regarding COVID-19 is laid out here.

Your COVID-19 Resource Guide for Higher Ed. Employees

Your union, ACCAFT, wants to make sure you are safe and have resources available at your fingertips!

FIRST, check this link out!

Coronavirus: Information for educators and support staff

Get information from the American Federation of Teachers about what faculty and staff can do to safeguard against the virus, as well as what schools can do regarding preventive schoolwide and districtwide policy.

For complete information and details for higher ed. employees, see the full bulletin.

Help students understand infectious disease and find tools to protect yourself and your community on AFT’s Share My Lesson online collection of lesson plans and resources

You’ll find everything from news program videos to research projects and analyses of past epidemics. You can also visit Texas AFT  an the CDC for additional updates and resources.

Click here to see AFT President, Randi Weingarten on CNN addressing the issue of COVID-19 in schools.

Click here to get updates from the Austin Community College website.