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Mission Statement

We have adopted a "Statement of Purpose" that succinctly summarizes everything that we as a local union chapter of TexasAFT & AFT stands for. The statement follows.

ACC/AFT Statement of Purpose

The purposes of the Austin Community College/American Federation of Teachers
Organizing Committee will be:

  • To support the College in offering comprehensive academic and vocational education programs of superior quality;
  • To improve faculty, adjunct faculty, classified, professional-technical and hourly
    employee wages, benefits and working conditions;
  • To encourage fiscal responsibility of the College and expansion of its tax base;
  • To support efforts of Austin Community College to safeguard employees and students to ensure their health and safety on campus;
  • To promote the streamlining of college rules and procedures for easy employee
    accountability and use;
  • To promote development of guidelines of task force responsibilities and operating
  • To solicit and encourage qualified candidates to run for the Board of Trustees;
  • To unite the faculty and non-administrative staff of Austin Community College into one broad and inclusive federation for mutual assistance and cooperation;
  • To represent the needs and concerns of faculty and non-administrative staff members to achieve a better climate for all;
  • To achieve exclusive consultation for all faculty and non-administrative staff.

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